School Aims

‘Our School Aims’

  • To be a true learning community for all its members – children, teachers, non teaching staff and parents; where there is an acceptance of a shared set of values which promotes the development of the whole child.

  • To encourage enjoyment of learning and wide participation in all aspects of school life

  • To ensure that the education of the child is the central concern of the school and to recognise and respond to the differences between individuals, whilst at all times according each equal worth, respect, care and consideration.

  • To recognise that all children have “special” educational needs and to meet those through a broad based and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all children regardless of abilities, gender or race.

  • To have the highest expectation of attainment and to ensure that every child experiences success, challenge, reward and recognition.

  • To provide an environment that is safe, secure, considerate and stimulating, where children and teachers feel confident enough to continue to take risks and learn together.

  • To work within the existing environment where good order and conduct are promoted through high levels of self discipline and positive reinforcement.

  • To ensure that the school exhibits the dynamism to anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing world, thereby equipping children with the skills, self confidence and adaptability to manage their own lives and be contributors to society.

  • To help all members of the school to reflect on performance and achievement, to evaluate that achievement with a view to improving upon it, and to ensure that this is an on-going activity embodied both in the learning process and the organisation of the school.

  • To promote the partnership between school and the community it serves through mutual acknowledgement of shared values, interests and expectations, and by drawing on the skills and understanding of that community.

  • To promote the children’s understanding of and respect for cultures and faiths other than their own.