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Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3/4)


Mrs. Dryden (Class 5) - Miss Davy (Class 6) - Mr. Tatton (Class 7)

Mrs. Meffen - Mrs. D'Arcy - Mrs. Mason

South Cave's Shakespeare Shorties

Song 1 - Will's Wonderful Words

Song 2 - Show in the Globe

Song 3 - Don't Mention Mac

Song 4 - All the World's a Stage

Will's Wonderful Words

Show in the Globe

Don't Mention Mac

All the World's a Stage



(We normally suggest that the children bring their PE kits to school on Mondays, leave them at school for the week, then take them home to be cleaned on Fridays.)

Class 5 - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Class 6 - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Class 7 - Tuesdays and Fridays

Times Tables Rock Stars

The website is programmed to update the times tables to be tested on each week. Therefore, it is important that the children access it often so that they practise the range of times tables.


Maths homework (available every Thursday, to be handed in on Monday)

Spring Week 1 - Times tables

Times tables are fundamental to most of the maths work that we do in Year 4, so it is of importance that the children know their times tables facts (up to 12 x 12) and their related division facts.

The children should have taken home a times tables game to play with a family member or friend.

An extra copy can be found by clicking here.

Feel free to create your own, similar, times tables game to play at home or share in school.

Week 12 & 13 - Times Tables Rock Stars!

Your child has been given a letter with their username and password for Times Tables Rock Stars website and app. Please help them to log on for the first time then they need to access it weekly to practise their times tables.

The times tables they access will change each week so it's important that they access it regularly over the Christmas break.

Have fun!

Week 11 - Times tables and related division facts

Click here for the homework

Please continue to practise your times tables and the related division facts.

Week 10 - Times tables

Next week we will be going on to multiplication. The children have got a times tables grid to complete but please could you also practise the times tables (up to 12 x 12) as often as you can. Thank you.

Week 9 - Perimeter

Click here for the homework

Week 8 - Make 100

Click here for the homework

How many different solutions can you find?

Week 6 - Play to 37

Click here for the homework

Week 5 - Sealed solutions

Click here for the homework

Week 4 - Strike it out!

Click here for the homework

Click here for extra game boards

Week 3 - Nice or nasty?

Click here for homework

Click here to link to an interactive 9-sided die

Week 2 - Place value

Click here for the homework

Week 1 - Reasoned Rounding

Click here for the rules of the game.

Click here for the score sheet (you can use your maths homework book to draw a score sheet)

Click here to link to an interactive 9-sided die

(Click '+' until it says '9 spinner', then click '9 spinner' twice for two, then click 'play')


Maths homework (available every Thursday, to be handed in on Monday)

Week 10 - Using examples from the 3 x tables, create a poster that explains what an array is and what it shows us. Think about how it helps us work out multiplication number sentences. Don't forget to include some repeated addition and lots of examples! We can't wait to see them next week!

Week 9 - Please record your 2, 5 and 10 times tables out of order. For example, 

3x2=, 6x2=, 1x2= etc.

Keep going all the way up to 12x2/5/10

Challenge - can you do the same for your 3, 6, 4 and 8 times tables. 

Week 8 - Play the game!

Week 8 - Here is everything you need to know on how to play this weeks homework!

Week 7

Look at a shopping receipt and the prices of some different items. Can you choose three different items and add up how much they cost? Can you find three that equal less than £3.00? This will be great practice for what we have planned next term!

Week 6 - Word stories!

Week 6 - Create your own word stories!

Week 5 - Column addition

Week 5 - Column addition with exchanging 

If you need to simplify, add the ones digit only.

Week 4 - Challenge yourself

Week 4 - Challenges (click here)

Week 3 - Greater than or less than

Week 3 - Greater than or less than (click here)

Please choose the sheet appropriate to your child.

Week 2 - Place Value 

Week 2 - Place Value (click here)

Week 1 - Place Value

Week 1 - Place Value (click here)

YEAR 3 and 4

English homework (available every Thursday, to be handed in on Monday)

Please see below.


Spelling focus...

Statutory Spellings

Each week, up to Easter, we will be giving the children 10 words from the list below to learn using various strategies. The children will be tested on these on Fridays.