Class 10 / Class 11 / Class 12

 Miss Clark / Mrs. McNeil / Mr. Tatton

PE days: Class 10: Mondays (Indoor) & Fridays (Outdoor) - Classes 11 and 12: Tuesdays (Outdoor) & Fridays (Indoor) 

Please make sure you have the appropriate kit for both lessons.



Password: if you've forgotten your password then please contact Mr. Tatton


RM Easimaths:


Class 10:

Class 11:

Class 12:

100 Word Challenge:



Do as you're told!

Keep a beady eye

We've solved the mystery!


Maths Homework - Thursdays

(To be handed in on Mondays)



Week 12 - Co-ordinates (Mr. T)

Week 11 - Mrs. McNeil's set - Please complete ALL incomplete or incorrect questions from mental arithmetic tests 1, 2 &3 and hand in ALL three on Monday. If any test has been lost, you should see Mrs McNeil BEFORE FRIDAY to receive another test.

Week 11 - Scale drawings (Mr. T) - the sheet has been sent home, paper homework.

Week 10 - Algebra (Mrs. McNeil)

Week 10 - Pie charts (Mr. T) - sorry for the delay, hand in Tuesday instead.

Week 9 - Algebra (Mrs. McNeil)

Week 9 - Ratio (Mr. T)

Planets PowerPoint

Week 7 - Measures (Mrs. McNeil)

Week 7 - Algebra (Mr. T)

Week 6 - Volume (Mrs. McNeil)

Week 6 - Sequences (Mr. T)

Week 5 - Mrs. McNeil's: practise times tables through chants, games or other methods.

Week 5 - Area (Mr. T)

Week 4 - Converting measures (Mr. T)

Week 3 - Percentages (Mrs. McNeil)

Week 3 - Fractions, Decimals and percentages (Mr. T)

Week 2 - Mrs. McNeil's (percentages)

Week 2 - Multiplying decimal numbers (Mr. T's)

Week 1 - Decimal numbers (click here for spare copies of the game board)



Honey devine

The Magpie Rag





English Homework - Fridays

(To be handed in on Mondays)


Friday 28th April - GPS Crossword (Year 6)


Year 5 have been given Talk Homework by Mrs. Worthington and Miss Clark.

Spellings: please see message at the bottom of the screen.

Here are some resources to help:

Learning spelling strategies

Year 5/6 dictation sheets

Spotting spelling mistakes

(NB: Mrs. Worthington's English group will receive separate, paper based, homework)

Spellings for this week: 

You need to practise and learn words from the Year 5/6 spellings list, ready to be tested in Spring 2.

Try to use the spelling strategies as shared in the Babcock Spelling leaflet that was sent to parents before Christmas. (Click here for another copy)