Welcome to South Cave C of E Primary School helping our children to SHINE.

School Uniform


School uniform can be purchased from:

Schoolwear - 64 High Street, Holme on Spalding Moor, York YO43 4AA

Tel:  01430 860966

Email:  schoolwearshop@hotmail.co.uk 

Website: www.schoolwearshop.co.uk



Girls Uniform

White Shirt/ Blouse with school tie or White Polo Shirt

Maroon Cardigan or Sweatshirt

Grey Skirt/tunic/Pinifore

(Year 5 and 6 Girls - Grey Trousers (optional))

Grey Tights or White Socks

Black Shoes


Red Gingham Dress (for Summer)


Indoor shoes - recommend Black Pumps which can also be used for PE



Boy's Uniform

White Shirt with School Tie or

White Polo Shirt

Maroon Sweatshirt

Grey Trousers (Short grey trousers for EYFS & KS1)

Black Shoes


Indoor shoes - recommend Black Pumps which can also be used for PE



PE Kit


White T-Shirt (preferably with school logo)

Maroon Shorts

Black Pumps or Trainers



The following Items are still available from the school office:

Water Bottle £1.50 / Spare Tops £1

Gym Bags