Welcome to South Cave C of E Primary School helping our children to SHINE.

Term Dates




Summer Term 2021

 Monday 07/06/21                                   School Opens

Friday 23/07/21                                      End of Summer Term,  3.30pm


 Autumn Term 2021

Wednesday 08/09/21                             Autumn Term starts

Friday 22/10/21                                       Closed for Half Term, 3.30pm

Monday 01/11/21                                      School Opens

Friday 17/12/21                                         End of Autumn Term, 3.30pm


Spring Term 2022

Wednesday 05/01/22                            Spring Term starts

Friday 18/02/22                                      Closed for Half Term, 3.30pm

Monday 28/02/22                                   School Opens

Thursday 07/04/22                                 End of Spring Term, 3.30pm


Summer Term

Monday 25/04/22                                   Summer Term starts

Monday 02/05/22                                   May Day

Friday 27/05/22                                      Closed for Half Term, 3.30pm     

Monday 06/06/22                                   School Opens

Friday 22/07/22                                      End of Summer Term, 3.30pm